What are up & over garage doors?

A popular type of garage door, up and over garage doors are usually made from a single panel that lifts and then tilts to lay flat above the head. This is where the ‘up and over’ name comes from and they are available in a number of styles and colours.

There are two types of up and over garage doors:




This is a cost-effective garage door and is attached to a frame through two rolling wheels in each side. As the door opens, the wheels remain in the roller tracks as they move higher with the door to create a canopy cover.




This type of door uses a retractable gear for added lifting power. The door is attached to the garage via spring-loaded side arms and the gear helps with opening heavy timber door panels.

At Bramley, we offer a wide range of up and over garage doors and specialise in carrying out any repairs. Get in touch via the contact form for more information.

What are the features of up & over garage doors?

Up and over doors can be made from different materials such as timber and steel, with many coming with factory fitted steel subframes to complement the overall finish. High security 4-point locking can be fitted to manual doors.

Retractable doors can be automated to provide maximum security as well as convenience.

We offer a full range of steel doors including ‘Smartpass’ ‘Secured by Design’ and foil finished wood effect doors. With so much to choose from your new up & over garage door can be as individual as you. 

Design benefits

  • Minimal maintenance 
  • Factory fitted steel fixing frame. 
  • Long lasting powder coated finish (does not need painting) 
  • Colours available (please ask for details) 
  • 2 Point locking as standard 
  • Optional 4 point locking (additional cost) 
  • Manual or Automatic 
  • Cost effective 
  • Safe reliable functionality 
  • Anti-fall safeguards

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