What are sectional garage doors?

Modern Sectional Garage Doors are one of the most popular garage doors on the market. They are designed for compact operation and the vertical rising action of a sectional door means there is no ‘swing-out’.  This allows vehicles to be parked within mm’s of the door (inside and out) which is beneficial for today’s multi- vehicle households.

Sectional garage doors are available in a range of designs, surface finishes, and colours (standard or RAL) in both standard and made to measure options. Get in touch using the contact form or request a guide price using the quick quote page.

What are the features of sectional garage doors?

Sectional doors are extremely secure. The lack of penetration points on automatic doors means it is almost impossible for intruders to gain a pivot point to prise the door open.

Design benefits

  • Suitable for garages with restricted headroom
  • Excellent security features especially with combined with a remote control system
  • Versatility – can be used in a wide range of settings from the working farm to the ultra-modern smart home.
  • Provides excellent thermal properties (ideal for integral garages)
  • Available in a variety of designs, finishes & colours

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