What are roller shutters?

Roller doors have been a popular door option for many generations. Unlike other types of garage doors, roller doors do not encroach on your roof space. They have a unique rolling action which means the door sits nicely above the opening.  Roller doors are available as single skin (which can be manual or automatic) and insulated which incorporates full remote control as standard. All doors are available in a wide range of RAL colours and finishes. 

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Single Skin Roller Doors

This is a single skin roller door. Unlike insulated rollers, these doors can be either manual or automatic. They are hardwearing and are usually finished with a plastisol coating available in a wide choice of colours.

Insulated Roller Doors

Insulated Roller Doors are supplied and fitted with full remote control as standard. They are available in a wide range of colours (powder coated), or foil finishes. Standard and compact headroom available.

What are the features of roller garage doors?

The first roller shutters were created in the mid-1800s and the more modern varieties became popular in the 1950s. Today's roller shutters can claim a whole host of technological improvements.

Modern Insulated Roller Shutters are manufactured from a twin wall CFC-free polyurethane foam filled aluminium profile which provides additional strength as well as thermal and acoustic properties and is extremely useful for rooms situated directly above the garage.

Our range of domestic/residential insulated roller doors feature guide frames that include draught excluding brushes that assist the door in reducing operational noise. A bottom rubber weather seal further enhances the thermal performance of the door. The powerful 240V tubular motor which is concealed inside the barrel system of the door ensures fast and quiet operation. 

Unlike single skin roller doors, our insulated roller shutters are operated by a unique intelligent remote-control system as standard. Safety and simplicity at the touch of a button – all doors are supplied with ‘full remote control’ compatibility. A ‘must have’ safety feature of any electrically powered door is the ‘optical eye’ safety edge system – this is to stop the door if it encounters an obstruction whilst in operation and not forgetting the built-in anti-jack sensor which triggers a piercing 105dB alarm should an intruder attempt to force entry.

Design benefits

  • Safe and functional with excellent security features
  • Made to measure for an ideal fit
  • Space saving
  • Excellent thermal & acoustic properties
  • Large selection of colours and finishes
  • 77mm or 52mm lathes
  • Standard & compact for reduced headroom
  • Full colour matched box/end plates/guides as standard

We also offer a range of manual & automatic single skin roller doors.  Please get in touch for further details.

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