What are remote control garage doors?

Remote control garage doors are doors that open/close ‘automatically’ at the push of a button. Compatible, existing, or new garage doors can be automated. Modern remote control systems offer a range of safety and security features as well as convenience.
At Bramley we offer remote control systems that offer unrivalled reliability and uncompromised safety, all at the touch of a button.

What are the benefits of our remote control garage doors?


Our garage door operators are tested and certified according to the strictest guidelines. All our garage door operators are equipped with the travelling motor operator system developed by SOMMER. This makes them especially smooth-running and durable. The motor track carriage moves itself along a tensioned chain so that no frictional loss or loss of power occurs. This makes our garage door operators completely maintenance-free. 

Our door operators are tested and monitored at regular intervals by TÜV. They also comply with the latest European regulations on Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility. 


The doors have a high level of security, power saving LED lighting for increased visibility and are optimised for break ins - the operator detects attempted break-ins and generates active counter-pressure through motor with high self-locking. There’s also integrated emergency release for manual interior operation of the door in the event of a power failure.


All garage doors have an automatic learning process and can account for different seasons by going into summer or winter mode. This automation provides fast opening and closing so you aren’t left waiting around for the doors to open.


All garage door components are tested and checked for uncompromising quality. Detailed warranty terms and conditions are available on request.

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